Google Tools & the Security Promise

I have had a number of encounters with individuals challenging the wisdom of using Google tools in a classroom setting.  The most common concern seems to be that there is a general mistrust of the security and privacy provided.



I’ve taken some time to do research on this topic and, as a result, have no reserves in recommending that students, teachers, and schools make the most of this free suite of tools.  In the video below, I share with you my thoughts on why I believe that Google’s commitment to security and privacy is more than adequate.


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Danielle Rochford has been a certified teacher for over 15 years, practicing her craft with middle school students in British Columbia, Canada. She is also a self-taught landscape photographer and founder of D-Roc Photography and Design. She has spent the past five years teaching online in such areas as English, Math, and Photography. She hopes to continue sharing her expertise with others now on Udemy. Danielle encourages her students to be interactive and provides many opportunities for discussion and feedback. In her spare time, she loves to travel and enjoy the solitude of nature. You will often find her traveling through Jasper, AB on a photography adventure.

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