Which Shutter Speed?

Ok. . . so we have lots of choices for different shutter speeds to use, but how do we know when we should use a slow, medium, or fast shutter speed?  In all honestly, the choice really depends on factors like light level but I will outline below a rough guide to help you as you make your choices.

Slow Shutter Speed (Slower than 1/30 sec)

Use this at night when a long exposure is required to record the scene or use it during the day with a small aperture to blur moving subjects.

Medium Shutter Speed (1/60 – 1/200 sec)

This is a great range for general photography.  Use this when handholding the camera with a standard lens to try and avoid camera shake.  It is also a good choice for slow-moving subjects such as a jogger.

Fast Shutter Speed (1/250 sec and faster)

This is the best choice when it comes to freezing the motion of a fast-moving subject.  You could use it to photograph a galloping horse or cars on a motorway.


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